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Why You Should Replace Your Wipers Today

With this easy to follow, printable how-to with pics you can install new wiper blades on your car and save money! Why is it that we never seem to remember to change our windshield wipers? You know you need 'em, you know they're cheap, you know how easy it is to install new wipers, but your windshield is still carrying those worn out, useless strips of rubber.

There's one time we always remember to change our wipers - when it starts to rain.

Unfortunately that's the worst time to tackle such an easy job. The next 10 minutes of your time, outside in the dry, sunny weather, should be spent replacing your windshield wipers, so check out these easy steps.If your car has the newer style wiper blades, use this bracketless wiper installation guide. Or you can check it to see which type of wipers your car uses. 

These are bracketless type wipers, common on many new vehicles.

The first step to replacing your windshield wipers is getting the old worn out wipers off. Be careful when removing them, the wiper arm is metal and your windshield is glass. One clumsy move and you could scratch or crack the windshield - not good.

To remove the old wiper, pull the entire assembly away from the windshield, it will prop itself in the raised position. With one hand holding the wiper arm, use your other hand to depress the small tab on the underside of the wiper where it meets the metal arm.

With the tab depressed you can slide the wiper off the arm by pulling the center toward the bottom of the wiper arm.